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The Barnes & Noble Book Blog interviews Darcie about The Mill River Recluse


 “Author Darcie Chan weaves winning elements from her best-selling ebook debut, The Mill River Recluse, into her major paperback follow-up, The Mill River Redemption, a small town tale of family, forgiveness and surprises that will delight readers of her character-based fiction.”  American Profile magazine

“Her characters are strong and precise, and she vibrantly portrays the setting, the small town of Mill River.… A comforting book about the random acts of kindness that hold communities together.“ Kirkus

“..Chan’s compassionate novel…blends elements of mystery, suspense and romance….[and] culminates in a beautifully rendered denouement that rekindles hope for a troubled world.” Shelf Awareness

“Chan does an amazing job with pacing while maintaining continuity and weaving universal themes such as friendship, love, new beginnings and overcoming adversities into small town life.” RT Book Reviews

“This debut novel is a genre-breaking thriller with romantic overtones that should appeal to both men and women.” Huntington News

“The development of character and identity in this relationship is the true gem inside this novel. As readers we are left with a wanting of this for ourselves, as it seems almost touchable through Darcie Chan’s descriptions of Mary and Father Michael’s love for one another.” Rutland Herald

“A heartwarming story ….”