My Hope For The New Year

There is a middle-aged man who works behind the prepared food counter at a local market. I do not know his name, but he has waited on me a couple of times, and both times, he went above and beyond what is required of him. The first time I shopped there this past autumn, heContinue Reading

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and New Year

After my parents divorced when I was 12 years old, money was tight, even with Mom working as a teacher and Dad religiously paying child support and helping out beyond that when he could. I know Christmases were particularly stressful for Mom because we had little money for anything other than the necessities, and sheContinue Reading

The Cornwell Mansion

Have you ever passed by a house and wondered about the people who live in it? I have. Almost every day after my family moved to the small southern Indiana town of Paoli, I’d look up at the elegant white mansion overlooking the community and wonder about who or what might be inside. The “CornwellContinue Reading